Monday, October 17, 2011


Let's see how much you know about this part of our lesson.
Knock out the incorrect answers to reveal the correct one.
This image shows:
A. the inventor of a new way of making Russian stamps
B. the end of the Russian space program in 1961
C. The first person in space, Yuri Gargarin
D. A NASA astronaut that accidentally went up in a Russian spacecraft
Valentina Tereshkova (the lady on the left) came to visit our NASA program because:
A. she is the grandmother of an astronaut
B. she likes to collect space patches even though she lives in Russia
C. she got lost and ended up in Houston
D. she was the first woman in space (over 40 years ago)
Where is Katherine Coleman in this photo?
A. in a hospital
B. waiting her turn to get her hair done at the NASA space lab in Houston, Texas
C. on the moon base 'Alpha I'
D. on board the International Space Station
This chimpanzee is getting special attention because:

A. he was rescued from falling overboard on a Navy ship
B. he just got back from being in space aboard a rocket
C. he was part of a medical experiment with chimps riding whales
D. it was a Russian chimp rescued from their space program

LUNA 3 was:
A. the first design for houses on the moon
B. an instrument to measure wind speeds on the moon
C. an American probe that first photographed the far side of the moon
D. a Russian probe that first photographed the far side of the moon
E. a lunar probe that would attract aliens with special foods and bait just in case life forms lived there

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