APPS COLLECTION for SPACE updated 9/21/11

Here's a gallery of screenshots of educational APPS for our Astronomy & Space Unit.
These are shared by my students so that other students, educators, and parents can see what's out there.
Globe! This one does all kinds of things. I especially like the day and night feature.

Both a 5th grader and a 3rd grader found Exoplanet! Great tool!
Thanks! :-)

GK in 5th grade brought us Sky View! Cool! :-)

HP in 3rd grade shows us the Milky Way View (on Exoplanet) complete with animated orbits of the planets! :-)

MM in 3rd grade brought us Google Earth

MM also showed us this wonderful star chart APP.

EB in 5th grade shows us a great star chart APP.

EB says the APP is simply called 'Stars'. Looks great!

ZB in 5th grade found this extraordinary AstroAPP. It includes all the astronaut missions by NASA!

ZB also found an APP that's all about the moon! This will come in handy.

Check back for updates on this growing collection.