Thursday, February 2, 2012


The second graders completed their research projects by reading a book on their topic, writing a factual paper, completing a poster board and making a 3-D model. I'm proud of their research skills and interesting papers.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


For this project, students researched their own astronomy topics, designed a poster board, and wrote a 5 paragraph paper that included information about the past, present, and future exploration of their region of space. They also included a 3-D model for their display. Students read their reports in class and had to field questions from their classmates on their research topic.  I'm proud of all of their efforts and wonderful reports. This was an 11 week project.
NOTE: We did not win the GRAIL naming contest, but our entry was very clever. This class chose Justin's entry. He wanted to name the two satellites TOM & JERRY since their orbits 'chase' each other around the moon. The first satellite is never caught by the second. This is just like the two cartoon characters; the cat never catches the mouse. The winning entry was from a class in Montana. The names of the two satellites are EBB and FLOW.   :0)