PROJECT GALLERY 1 and 2 (9/26/11)

Welcome to our PROJECT GALLERY page. During the course of this school year, each student will have ONE SLOT (maybe more) in this part of our class blog for the purpose of showing THE WORLD your wonderful class projects. Sound exciting? Ready to be famous?
First Grade Updates ~ Week 4  Star Gazers and Paper Mache' Planets
Savine shows us the paper mache' planet project. We'll paint them next week.

Carlotta made this fun space alien.

The Star Gazer can show us 12 different constellations!

After the regular lesson, we had fun making new star systems. This is the Black Hole Star Cluster. :-)

This is the Star Star Cluster.

This is a far away galaxy. It's beautiful, isn't it.
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First Grade Updates ~ Week 3
Kyle's rocket won our distance contest several times.

Josiah's rocket flew almost to the door.

Justin's rocket flew almost to the ceiling.

Carlotta's rocket was very artistic and had beautiful colors. It flew very far.

Savine's rocket was very carefully constructed. It flew a long distance.

Early Dreams of Flight Illustrations:
Large Balloon for Military Purposes

New invention: A trampoline powered balloon

First record of wasp-powered flight

First ever Balloon Regenerator

 Beautiful hot air balloon with extras!

There are others to see, but my computer keeps loading them sideways. I'll try again tomorrow night.
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PROJECT 1: Space Illustrated ~ COVER DESIGNS:

Craters To Go Project for our Space Unit
Close up of the planet's surface

A large set of impact craters on the far side

View of the entire project

Largest impact crater discovered so far

One crater still has meteorite in the center (dark spot)

Some of Mercury's mountains are seen in the distance

Large impact craters show particles on the rim

These craters show a definite pattern worth exploring in the future.

Planet Mercury is filled with surprises such as this very rare square crater.

One of these craters has an unusually thick rim. The cause is unknown.

A view of outer space is seen in the background

The largest crater field on the planet

Mercury has no atmosphere so the 'sky' looks dark

These impact craters are easy to spot on this fascinating planet

More Space Illustrated ~ Cover Designs

Beautiful Planets and Comets!

Not sure what's happening here. I hope the scene is out in the middle of the desert!

FIRST GRADE ~ WEEK 1 (Sorry some are computer would not download correctly)
Looking at the Stars

Outer Space

Steps in Getting Shot Out of a Cannon to get into Space

First Floating Bus

Beautiful Balloon

Historic Flight in 1802

First Dog House to Float Into Atmosphere (1799)